Junction City, Oregon
Subject Index

Note: this is not a comprehensive index, but a quick guide to commonly requested subjects. See the Compilation Index for a more complete index of ordinance subjects.

Abandoned Property
Access Management
Adoption of Codes
Alcohol, City Property
Base of Grades   [elevation]
Billboard Regulations
Building Code
Business Licenses
City Charter
City Elections
City Fees
City Officers
Children, Minors
Comcast Oregon II, Inc.
Contract Review Board
Council Committees
Council meetings
Criminal History Check
Dance Hall Closed Hours
Dangerous Buildings
Disposition List
Dog Regulations
Door-to-Door Solicitation
Driveways, Service
Driving Regulations

Emerald People's Utility District
Fences [Look for Supplemental Provisions]
Fire Code
Flood Damage Protection
Franchise Requirements
Gaming Machines
Garage Sales
General Offenses
House Numbering
Improvement Procedures
Improvement Procedures
  [Newly Annexed Territory]
Initiative and Referendum
Itinerant Businesses
Jury trials
Liquor Licensees' Closure Hours
MCI Telecommunications Corporation
Measure 37 claims
Merchant Police
Mobile Homes
Newspaper Collection Boxes
Noise Violations
Northwest Natural Gas Franchise
Pacific Northwest Bell Franchise
Pacific Power and Light
Park Regulations
Parking Regulations
For Parking Regulations, Employment, see Parking Regulations and scroll left frame to Parking, Employment
Pinball Machines
Planning Commission
Police Department Fees
Police Training Assessment
Private Security Agencies
Public Library
Public Works Design Standards
Public Works Services & Fees
Public Works Specifications
Quasi-judicial Hearings
Qwest Corporation
Ratepayer Assistance Program
Residential Maintenance Code
Sawdust Dumping
Security Alarms
Security Guards
Sewer Connections
Sewer Discharge Regulations
Sewer Rates
Sewer & Water Development Charges
Sidewalk Construction
Sidewalk Protection
Sign Ordinance
Social Games
Specialty Code
Stray cats: repealed
Stream Corridor/Wetland District
Street Trees
   See also: Shade Trees
Systems Development Charges
Taxicab Regulations
Temporary Business Licenses
Traffic Regulations
Trailers, 45 day rule
Trailers and Recreational Vehicles
Underground Utility Lines
Warrant Fee
Water Rates
Water System
   [Cross Connections]
Wireless Telecommunications

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