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How to Find Ordinances
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Title 1: Government Title 2: Local Improvements Title 3: Utilities
Title 4: Sanitation Title 5: Offenses Title 6: Traffic
Title 7: Public Protection Title 8: Business Title 9: Building
Title 10: Planning Title 11: Franchises Special Ordinances
City Charter Disposition List
Use this guide if you know the ordinance number, but not the compilation number.
Ordinance Index
(as it appears in the Ordinance Book)
Note: Ordinances are continually being passed by the City Council. The ordinances are all current as of May 1, 2007. To see if any ordinances have been passed since this date, check with the City Recorder's office.

At this time, the following ordinances have not been codified:

Other Documents:
City Comprehensive Plan Transportation System Plan Police Department Strategic Plan
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